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Making Scale Models

One of the main and most common goals of making scale models is to provide visitors, engineers, customers or students with a comprehensive but accurate overview of their systems or production processes.

Sometimes despite of the required physical presence of some visitors, it cannot be possible for various reasons, such as security and safety reasons. Steel plants, Power plants, Oil Refineries, metal and non-metal mines encounter such limitations.

Logo Desk Stands

Logo Desk Stands are desk stands with creative designs that have received widespread acceptance by most business owners, from the employees of small companies to CEO’s of renowned manufacturing corporations.

Our team offer innovative Logo Desk Stands merging clients Logos with artistic concepts. These stands can be so simple with just the name, or job position on them or more complicated with the Logo design, delicate pattern and appropriate coloring.

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Maquette or scale model is a physical representation of an object, building, system or a geographical region. Depending on its type, they include some detailed pieces and items, which according to the scale are smaller or sometimes bigger than real size.

With a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, Development Pioneerss co. has vast experience in preparing shop drawings of industrial structures. Thus, our main clients are steel plants, power plants, refineries, airports, etc.

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