Charles Aznavour Center Scale Model

Project Description

The Aznavour Foundation‘s first cultural project is the creation of the Aznavour Center in the heart of Yerevan, Armenia. How it excels and differ from other museums is that the building itself is not a traditional museum complex, but it is a residence with dwelling and working rooms as well as with malfunctional cultural areas. The museum occupies 1700 square with five story building near Cascade and includes an open-air concert hall, as well as Aznavour’s apartment and the museum itself. The exhibition include Aznavour’s discs, albums, books, music awards, posters and photographs.


All structures were made by Plexiglass in various thicknesses , which cut by laser technology. Equipment and most part of piping were made by ABS or PLA in 3D printers.

Maquette dimensions

  • Length: 1200mm
  • Width : 600mm
  • Height : 700mm
  • Package : Wooden boxes
  • Approximately 30 human personajes were used in this scale model.