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Maquette or scale model is a physical representation of an object, building, system or a geographical region. Depending on its type, they include some detailed pieces and items, which according to the scale are smaller or sometimes bigger than real size.

With a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, Development Pioneerss co. has vast experience in preparing shop drawings of industrial structures. Thus, our main clients are steel plants, power plants, refineries, airports, etc.

Furthermore, we are able to make other types of maquettes such as topographic models, structural models, landscape models, interior models, residential or office building models. Scale models of shopping centers, hotels, and parks call visitors attention quickly and are so impressive.

Making Logo Desk Stands is another service of Development Pioneers Co. On the desk of CEO’s or employers of your company Logo Desk Stands can simply grab eyeballs of your clients or target audiences, and serves as a constant reminder of your brand or services. Also they are promotional products which can be used as unique corporate gifts for clients and employees while attending in exhibitions or at special occasions.

Almost all pieces are produced by modern Laser cutting and engraving machines and 3D printers. With all state-of-the-art technologies and skillful staff, we create spectacular and highly detailed scale models, and do our best to meet our clients’ highest expectations, in all types and sizes, from a simple block model to a giant fully-detailed maquette.

To conclude, if you have just a rough idea in your mind or CAD general arrangement plans, contact us and we will help you visualize your dream of future.