DRI Plant

Project Description

Direct reduction refers to solid-state processes which reduce iron oxides to metallic iron at temperatures below the melting point of iron. Reduced iron derives its name from these processes, one example being heating iron ore in a furnace at a high temperature of 800 to 1,200 °C (1,470 to 2,190 °F) in the presence of the reducing gas syngas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

MIDREX is a gas-based shaft furnace process that converts iron oxides – in the form of pellets or lump ore – into direct reduced iron (DRI). The MIDREX technology is highly adaptive to our customers’ needs, which is reflected in a broad variety of configurations. The performance of MIDREX plants typically exceeds nominal capacity ratings.


All structures were made by Plexiglass in various thicknesses, which cut by laser technology. Equipment and most part of piping were made by ABS or PLA in 3D printers.

Maquette dimensions

  • Scale : 1:50
  • Length : 3600mm
  • Width : 1700mm
  • Height : 1340mm
  • Package : wooden boxes
  • 50 human personajes , 5 car personajes and 80 LED lamps were used in this scale model.